Hello, I’m Talia Tucker. My debut novel, RULES FOR RULE BREAKING, comes out in spring 2024.

It's the only interesting thing about me.

It will be published by Kokila (an imprint of Penguin Randomhouse) next year.

Cover reveal coming soon!

Academic rivals, Bobby Bae and Winter Park, have never broken a rule. The warring teenagers often find themselves together due to their parents’ close friendship, necessitating a list of three simple rules for staying out of each other’s way: 1. We will play nice in front of our parents. 2. We will not be seen talking to each other at school. 3. We will not be friends

As Bobby reels from a breakup and Winter deals with her relationship with her best friend falling apart, the two are forced on a road trip to visit Harvard and MIT, their dream schools. From breaking antiquated state laws, like frowning at cops in New Jersey, to underage drinking, to dueling in the streets, Winter and Bobby slowly throw their inhibitions to the wind and start to break a few rules. Namely, their own.

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Talia Tucker (she/her) is just another pretentious writer based out of New Jersey. She comes from a mixed Korean and Jamaican background, which inspires a lot of her writing as well as a lot of questions from strangers. She has a BA from Rutgers University in Communication and an MA in Liberal Studies from Loyola University Maryland. Talia’s debut novel, a YA romcom titled RULES FOR RULE-BREAKING, will be released by Kokila, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in spring 2024.

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