About Me

Talia Yoon Tucker (née Tucker because dating, am I right?) is an American author. Born in Washington D.C., to a Korean mother and a Jamaican father, Talia has beautiful teeth because both her parents are cosmetic dentists. Relocating to Central Jersey (which does exist and don’t ask me about my Turnpike exit because I’m too far west) when she was five years old, Talia would spend most of her life in The Garden State. Upon graduating from high school, she attended Rutgers University New Brunswick, and majored in Communication and minored in Film Studies because they had the least credit requirements. After receiving her degrees, she got another, an MA in Liberal Studies from Loyola University Maryland, because Talia makes amazing financial decisions. In the years since, Talia has traveled to many countries on a whim, absorbing cultures and finding others just as chaotic as she is, as well as generally avoiding any and all responsibility and stable employment. She gained an appreciation for writing in middle school by writing fanfiction, like most repressed youths do, and during a particularly debilitating quarter-life crisis, her best friend asked her while Cava-drunk in the middle of Barcelona, “Why don’t you just write? You like that, don’t you?” That’s exactly what she did, and now her debut novel RULES FOR RULE-BREAKING, will be released by Kokila, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in spring 2024, followed by an unnamed sequel in spring 2025.

When Talia isn’t creating or consuming, she’s spending time with her family, her cats, Min-ju and Lady J, or her sleep paralysis demon, Steve.

The 2024 Author Media Kit includies author headshots, contact information, bios, and more. Download the zip file by clicking HERE.

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