“On the Cusp” Interview with Lisa Tirreno

February 16, 2024

Lisa Tirreno: “On the Cusp”
Featuring Talia Tucker

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On the Cusp is going to be a regular series I do on this blog, comprising an interview with another writer who’s about to become a debut novelist. I send them the standard list of ten questions and ask them to please pick five, and to also answer the bonus question, since it usually leads to unexpectedly interesting answers.

This week we have my very first blog “guest”, Talia Tucker, who I was Twitter mutuals with before we both signed with the same agent. Her debut young adult road-trip romance Rules for Rule Breaking will be out this March. Pre-order it here.

Why this genre? Why this age group? Why these characters?

To be quite honest, I never aspired to write romance—YA or otherwise. When I first started out, the aspects of my writing that received the best feedback were the romance subplots. And the decision to write YA wasn’t necessarily a conscious one; YA is just where I have the most reading experience since my taste in books hasn’t changed much, if at all, since high school. Consequently, I decided to write my first YA romance, which turned out to be what is now my debut, Rules for Rule Breaking.

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